Thirty and Thriving

This blog takes up where left off and continues the mad-hatter adventures of a perky activist lawyer who never takes herself too seriously and believes in agrarian reform, mad passionate love and wearing the right pair of shoes -- not necessarily in that order.

She's turning thirty this year. And has yet to figure out what that means exactly.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


And here we are.

I am finally closing down the blog after more than two years of (self-indulgent) chronicling of the highlights and lowlights of my life. I stopped abruptly a few months ago. I was sad at the start of the year and the words faltered.

But eight months is enough time to recover, I suppose. I'm back now -- ready to foist myself on you once more.

The difference is that this is the year I turn 30 and turning my back on a decade of wispy pink mini-dresses, impetuous choices, reckless imprudence resulting in heartbreak, but also a decade where I passed the bar, made deep friendships and developed what I know will be a lifelong commitment to activism and agrarian reform.

I don't know what the next couple of years will hold or where it will take me, but I sure plan to make it as fun a ride as I can.

Have a chica 2010!